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Is an outsourced MSP the right fit for you?

What is an MSP? A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is partner organization that can either augment an organization’s IT staff by supporting regular day to day system support or completely take on the role of an IT department, handling any and all information technology (IT) issues.     MSPs can manage a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or […]

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What’s the cost of outsourcing IT services?

A Study of Cost & Talent IT Department Structure Cost often drives the outsourcing of key IT applications and services, but analysis shouldn’t stop there when looking for managed services.  Factoring in employee acquisition, salaries, employee workloads and the core expertise of your IT department also needs to come into play when making the decision […]

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The Pros and Cons of In-house IT Staff vs. Outsourcing IT Staff

We are asked about the pros and cons of outsourcing an organization’s IT and technology needs often. Of course there are variations to every business or nonprofit, but here are some of the pluses and minus:

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Office Relocation Challenges you Should be Prepared for

Office relocation is typically an exciting thing. It could mean your business is expanding, your organization is doing well, and you’re ready for growth. Or it could mean your lease simply expired or you’re even just trying to cut costs. Either way, if you’re the one in charge of making the move happen, it can […]