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Quick Guide: How to Choose the Best Office Phone System

  Read Our Guide: How to Choose the Best Office Phone System The quick guide discusses: Landline Systems VoIP on Premise Solutions Cloud Based VoIP Systems Find out the questions to ask and features to look for in your next phone system. Which one is right for you?

Hacking Phishing

Black Friday Shoppers Beware

Bogus retail sites, extreme discounts, busy hackers The National Retail Federation expects 115 million physical shoppers to be out on Black Friday, and cyber crooks want a part of the action. Last year, researchers discovered nearly 20,000 URLs using the words “Black Friday” and promising huge discounts with links to malicious web pages. Along with […]

VoIP and Video Conferencing

Videoconference and Web Video Production Tips

There are quite a few technical considerations to keep in mind when preparing to be on camera for a video webcast or conference. As a broadcast video producer, I’ve experienced every disaster you could think of.  So hopefully you can learn from my experiences.

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Dogfooding: Why We Use Our Own IT Products and Services

“Dogfooding” or eating your own dog food: a term used to reference a scenario in which a company uses its own product to validate the quality and capabilities of the product.

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The Benefits of Document Management

 “I miss my filing cabinet,” said no one ever. Document management  isn’t always sexy. But it can be when you have the right system in place. Do you know where all of your documents are? It’s 2014, but some of us are still comfortable in our old ways of storing important information.