Network and Cloud Services

Hosted Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting is delivered to your organization through the Internet. Cloud hosting expands easily as your organization grows, and is more flexible and affordable than traditional IT services.

Cloud Data Backup

Store critical business data safely and redundantly! We can provide your organization with a scalable, secure offsite location for your business data.

Cloud Email Exchange

Using Office 365 or Google Apps allows more fluid connectivity to your email from all your devices.

Cloud Servers

Our fully managed customized virtual servers can provide your organization with the processing power it needs for critical business applications.

Web Hosting

Our technical team will set up, host, and support your applications on our highly reliable, secure infrastructure. You’ll enjoy quick response time with the wide bandwidth of our connectivity, which allows for sizable data traffic to and from our web servers.

Hybrid Solutions

Not sure where to start? Have a server but need additional cloud storage? Our team of experts can help tailor a course of action to your organization's needs. Get in contact today for an assessment of your existing infrastructure.

Hear more about our cloud services from our Network Services Operations Manager:

Office Relocation

  • Plan and implement controlled shut down of servers, UPS, backups, routers, firewalls and workstations
  • Reconnect all services at new location
  • Coordinate facilities requirements such as HVAC, power, and infrastructure
  • Provide hosting and testing
  • Telephone / VoIP / Teleconferencing Setup

Network Implementation

Network installation, upgrades and support. We apply expertise to planning and designing your network infrastructure, which can begin with an in-depth technology needs analysis of your business. We address your current IT needs and lay the foundation for managing future network growth.

We provide security solutions, anti-Spam and anti-virus filtering to protect your technology investment. Our continuing proactive support includes value-added maintenance to ensure that you and your employees can access, manipulate and save data efficiently and reliably over time.

Outsourced IT Support

We supplement your available IT skill-set as your on-call IT department with the diverse skills of an entire solution-oriented IT team at your disposal for a fraction of the cost of one in-house employee.

  • Your resource for additional expertise and guidance
  • Your one-call, on-site or off-site IT department
  • Your dedicated IT Service Desk

Disaster Preparedness Program

Our Disaster Preparedness Program provides your organization with the power to manage “unexpected” disasters from a broad range of contexts.
Summit’s Disaster Preparedness Program provides your organization with the power to manage “unexpected” disasters. Disaster Preparedness encompasses a broad range of contexts and events including snowstorms, power outages, flooding, temporary office closures, lightning strikes, etc. A prepared organization has a predefined action plan for all types of hazards. Our team will work with you to understand and quantify the impact and costs of downtime of your systems; then we’ll minimize that impact to acceptable risk levels with cost-appropriate solutions.

Disaster Planning Components:

  • Disaster Recovery Needs Analysis
  • Local and Offsite Data Backups
  • Local key infrastructure redundancy
  • Application/functionality contingency actions
  • Offsite Disaster Site
  • Action Scripts
  • Communications Plan
  • Regular Review and Refresh

You’ll be able to:

  • Manage “unexpected” disasters and maintain control under critical stress situations.
  • Know that your business will follow a pre-planned script when that unexpected situation occurs.



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