Phishing Scams are Serious – Except When They’re Funny

Turn the tables on scammers  

Phishing scams are nothing to laugh about – unless you’re watching British comedian James Veitch and his hysterically funny gigs on scam emails and the nature of the Internet.  He’s made a career out of scamming the scammers, from Nigerian princes to investment opportunities. One of our favorite performances is below.

Before you start scrolling, think about the power of humor to educate your staff. Or your kids. Or your great Aunt Helen who has found the road to happiness is a Facebook quiz (that can track everything she does online).

Humor is a great teacher

You know that expression, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?” Humor can overcome reticence and reasons not to take action even when it’s in our best interest.

We’re in the business of security awareness, but we know that no one wants to be told to change their password for the thousandth time. So our advice to you: throw some humor in there. Look for our upcoming list on “How to Make a Hacker’s Day” by signing up for our blogs. That way you’ll also be sure to see our upcoming eclectic list of useful, entertaining and just plain odd apps for the holiday season.

Try the carrot, not the stick

But we digress. We know the possibility of negative consequences (like one catastrophic click), is not enough to convince everyone to become educated and change their behaviors. If it was, there would be no obesity or smokers. And James Veitch would be out of business. 

Fortunately for him (but not for us, hackers are keeping him busy on the comedy circuit. We hope you get a few laughs—and a little more security awareness from this less than serious look at phishing scams.


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