Moving to a New Office? Don’t Tackle Internet Service Contracts Alone

If you have a cell phone, Internet, wireless, or cable service at home, you know the mind-numbing complexity of data plans, fees and service contracts. Multiply that several fold when it comes to moving your office’s IT infrastructure.

Canceling and starting new contracts with Internet Service Providers (ISP) gives new meaning to risk management. The pages of terminology, limitations, requirements, timing and fees almost ensures you don’t read them.

That’s why I do.  Every word. As a Technology Relocation Specialist, it’s my job to make sure you don’t face unpleasant surprises with your technology solutions, like the experience of this medical practice.

Doctors know Medicine. Technology? Not so Much.

I worked with a medical practice that was moving to a different location. Unfortunately, they didn’t call until the horse was already out of the barn.

The practice had canceled its Internet service and started a new service. They did everything they were told. Unfortunately, they were not told everything.

Monday morning, the patients were there but not their medical records. Nothing could connect to the network.The Electronic Medial Records system was inaccessible without internet. There was no ability to check insurance, order lab tests, schedule appointments, etc., because no one knew about IP addresses.

IP addresses are how devices find each other. If you moved and left no forwarding address, no one would know where you were. The same applies to each device on your network. They can’t connect without new IP addresses. This costly oversight could have been avoided had it been worked into their office move plan.

Don’t Use a General Practitioner When You Need a Specialist

Internet and phone service providers do not make it easy to change contracts. It’s not in their best interest, which is why you need an advisor and advocate. Since I’ve been at Summit Business Technologies, we’ve saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by scrutinizing, planning and managing the complex relocation of networks and phone systems.

If you’re not planning a move, at least file away some office moving tips. I’ve put together

Next week, I’ll talk about planning ahead. REALLY ahead. When you hear the next story, you’ll know why.


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