Are You CMMC Certified?

Summit Business Technologies can help structure a framework for success, or enhance an existing analysis. For assessment needs, Summit demonstrates a thorough mapping of the solid foundation needed for true compliance.

Our 3 Step Process

1. Assessment, SSP, & PO&AM

We perform a detailed assessment of your current network and compare it with the cyber security controls required in NIST 800-171. We prepare a System Security Plan (SSP) & Plan-of-Action & Milestones (PO&AM) providing documented evidence to the DoD or your Prime that you’re on your way towards compliance.

2. Remediation

In this step, the items called out in the Plan-of-Action & Milestone (PO&AM) are addressed. Depending on the current state of your IT systems, this can be as simple as implementing multi-factor authentication and security awareness training or as complex as refreshing an entire aging infrastructure.

3. Monitoring

Using existing analytical platforms, we interrupt ongoing client data in real-time against the ever-evolving compliance regulatory output. Subscription models vary with flexible and expansive options available.

Who’s Affected :


Ready to Talk?

Summit is a Qualified Cybersecurity Seller, vetted and certified by the State of Maryland to provide businesses with fewer than 50 employees cost-effective security controls eligible for state income tax credits. The 50% tax credit effectively cuts the cost of cybersecurity protection by half. For eligible businesses, it’s a tremendous incentive to take essential steps to reduce risk at a far more affordable cost. Contact us for an overview.