Do You Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

“If you played all of the Beatles’ singles and albums that came out between 1962 and 1970 back to back, it would only last for 10 hours and 33 minutes.”

While that does sound like a fantastic way to spend a day, I was eager to find out if this was true, so I turned to the Internet for help. I snatched up my smartphone, which is never more than 3-feet away, and started researching the quote. I clicked on the first couple of links from Google’s search results and was pleased to find that most of the sites were easy to navigate using my phone. Some sites, however, were not mobile-friendly and were hard to use.

Why does that matter?

The truth is that more and more people are accessing the web from mobile devices and tablets.  According to research by Global Web Index,  75% of all smartphone users are using their mobile phones to access the Internet, and the use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow.

Google has made a big announcement that starting April 21st, they are changing their search algorithm so that sites that are not mobile friendly will show up at the bottom of search results. Those websites that are not mobile-friendly risk losing visitors and opportunities!  Visitors want a site that’s easy to view and navigate so that they can get in, find what they need, and get out in the least amount of time!

Do you have a mobile friendly website?

Luckily, there is a link that you can use to test your website for mobile-friendliness.

We recently tested our website here at Summit and found that it did not pass.  This prompted us to upgrade our website so that we don’t lose business.  We wanted to make sure that we are showing up prominently in Google searches!

Concerned that your website didn’t pass the test?

Give us a call here at Summit Business Technologies, 410.987.5914, or contact us if you’d like to take advantage or our expertise making  your website mobile-friendly!  Or better yet, open up your smartphone’s browser and go to our website. Take a look at how much of a difference a mobile-friendly website makes.  Turn your phone vertically, horizontally, zoom in and out, and notice how the website self-corrects.

And most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity to be found when prospective customers search in Google!  We want to see you at the top of the search results!

Summit Business Technologies has decades of experience offering technical and business consulting support. We provide a range of technology solutions to help businesses and organizations run more efficiently and communicate more effectively.  We support the Mid-Atlantic region including DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Northern Virginia.


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