Happy October and Welcome to Security Awareness Saturation Month!

The official name is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), but perhaps a rebrand is in order. Each October, the annual onslaught of security awareness news, tips, and warnings comes out from almost everyone. Until this information starts to take hold, we will continue to hammer away at the simple steps businesses and individuals can take to avoid joining the 2017 Walk of Shame. 

We’ve all heard about the Equifax hack that exposed personal information on 143 million consumers, an attack that could have been avoided if the company had applied a security patch issued months earlier.

Then there was the entirely preventable security breach at Deloitte, the global consulting firm that provides audit and risk management services to major clients. Someone stole confidential documents and emails simply by getting hold of an administrative username and password because the company did not require two-factor authentication.

How would you like to be the person who had to disclose that to clients?

Security awareness requires so little effort and costs next to nothing compared to the fallout of a breach and the potential collapse of a business. Don’t do what these companies did and put it off. Take steps today.


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