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Compliance requirements can be ambiguous, costly and disruptive if you are uninformed and unprepared. You can find a myriad of checklists online, but simply misinterpret compliance requirements and you may mistakenly believe you have met your obligation.

Summit Business Technologies helps our clients systematically assess, identify and prioritize any deficiencies associated with security standards and regulations.


1 Compliance Gap Analysis

The first step in any compliance process is a Compliance Gap Analysis. Summit’s Gap Analysis identifies security holes before an auditor can. The process is designed to uncover inadequate systems, processes and policies that will not meet regulatory standards.

2 Gap Remediation

Summit’s Remediation Plan is an actionable roadmap to mitigate vulnerabilities in a prioritized process, with tasks, milestones, resource requirements, timelines and a cost magnitude estimate. We organize the plan by control requirements specific to each regulation.

Summit is proud to be an RPO certified member.

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Everything you need to know for your organization’s continued compliance.​

NIST 800-171/DFARS

We’ll help meet the standard and prepare your organization for compliance.


All of the regulations, procedures and protocols to keep your ship sailing smooth.


If you haven’t heard it before, being compliant does not mean you are secure. Compliance is a regulatory measure designed to help protect your organization, and sensitive information from cyber threats. Compliance demonstrates you’ve met a minimum standard of information security – at that point in time. However, cyber threats are continuous and evolving. To protect your organization means staying ahead of cybersecurity threats before they become major business disruptions.
Organizations that embrace the policies, standards, and improvements laid out by industry regulators can unlock value by improving core IT processes. From avoiding massive fines to landing the next big federal contract – leveraging the right compliance initiatives for your industry can result in better business processes, more effective use of data, and a more informed, empowered team.

MD Cybersecurity Tax Credit

Summit is a Qualified Cybersecurity Seller, vetted and certified by the State of Maryland to provide businesses with fewer than 50 employees cost-effective security controls eligible for state income tax credits. The 50% tax credit effectively cuts the cost of cybersecurity protection by half. For eligible businesses, it’s a tremendous incentive to take essential steps to reduce risk at a far more affordable cost. Contact us for an overview.