Security Awareness Designed for Small Business

So, your business is comprised of 50 or less employees and your industry does not seem to be attractive to hackers. You ask yourself what a hacker could possibly hope to gain by targeting your company?   

According to experts, since the pandemic, many small businesses are staying afloat utilizing cyber business methods, new technologies, e-commerce, or online business sales, as well as using remote workers. While these changes may be good, they have also created new opportunities for cyberattacks. More than half of small business owners say they are more worried about potential cyberattacks since the pandemic began.  

Security needs to become a regular part of the conversation at your organization. This means management must regularly communicate to all employees that security is essential to running the business. As smart as your employees are, they still need training. A sales associate could open a malicious PDF attachment, a PM will plug a malicious USB drive into their computer, and someone in finance could fall for scam emails.  

A security awareness program is a way to ensure that everyone at your organization has an appropriate level of know-how about security along with an appropriate sense of responsibility. Security awareness training can take a few different forms. The easiest and most universal security awareness training is done online. Your employees read materials or watch static videos, then they take assessments to gauge what they have learned. 

The bottom line is this: It’s not if, it’s when.  It’s not if you will be targeted by cyber criminals, it’s when. If you don’t have a security awareness program in place to educate your staff, you are missing the opportunity to give them knowledge to keep your company’s network and data safe. 

Summit has an answer to the question – The answer is Bullphish.  Bullphish is a program that Summit uses to assist small business without the big-ticket cost of the programs designed for large corporations. Summit does all the setup, runs online training campaigns, monitors, reports, and conducts a presentation of results quarterly.  

Call 443.795.5112 or click here to learn more about Bullphish. 


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