Bullphish Training – Can it help you stay safe in the PHISH-Bowl?  

Email phishing is a problem for all businesses – you are likely even inundated with phishing emails in your personal email boxes. Emails asking you to verify your banking information, or to view shipping details for items you never ordered. These are all designed to get you to click, to take the bait. 


How can you help your staff to spot these nefarious emails?  The answer is to establish a strong cyber security culture.  Employees should have regular and comprehensive security awareness training. 


Look, human beings make mistakes. People must be educated about the risks of cyberattacks, what they look like. It’s easy for a rushed employee, at the tail-end of their shift, to click a link in an email that puts your entire network at risk. Imagine all the multitasking we do all day!  


Cybercrooks study the vulnerability of humans. Hackers continually figure out ways to exploit human traits and their gullibility.  Arm your team with the tools they need to spot the phishing emails and keep your network safe. Ask us how to survive in the big PHISH Bowl of business.


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