Summit Team

Leadership Team

Mike Cohn

President and CEO
Mike brings over 30 years of technical and management experience as a founder of Summit Business Technologies. During his time as President and CEO of Light Industries, the company grew from a small consultancy business to a successful 75-person integration and professional services firm in the dot-com boom. He takes a very hands-on role in every aspect of the business and successfully integrates his managerial, business, and technical skills to lead a team of top flight engineers, developers, and support staff. Mike is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Gary Grabowski

Executive Vice President and Partner
Gary is a founding partner of Summit Business Technologies. He has amassed 30 years of technical and management experience in his previous position as owner and president of Network Business Solutions. Gary’s ability to relate to the concerns of business owners stems from his own experience as a business owner. He is passionate about identifying and developing technology solutions that solve business problems for customers. In his free time, Gary enjoys skiing and drone photography. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Kimberly Scolaro

Vice President, Business Development
Kimberly has over 20 years in the IT industry, wearing many different hats throughout her career. She has been a Technical Trainer, Support Desk Manager for an international bank, and a VoIP systems architect. With an BS in Education and an MBA in Information Systems Management, Kimberly recently transitioned into Business Development. . Outside of the office, Kimberly enjoys hiking, gardening and traveling with her husband and three teenagers.

Paul Brophy

Vice President, Operations
Paul has served organizations in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He has extensive data center management experience and loves keeping up with the latest technology. He manages our Support Desk and provides CIO services for several of our clients. Paul was born and raised in Ireland. He enjoys mountain biking, tennis and is a wine and whiskey enthusiast.

Leo Minigishi

Director of Information Security
Leo has spent 20 years in information technology. His experience includes working with the largest ACH transfer provider in the US. Leo specializes in security, network management, and application integration. At Summit, he manages all security operations and systems engineering. Whatever he does, his goal is to exceed customer expectations. In his spare time, he enjoys auto racing and cigars.

Chris Beatty

Director of Software Solutions
Chris has designed and managed cutting-edge software development projects for both government and the private sector. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional in several key areas. His specialties include Solution Architecture, Project Management, Requirements Analysis, and Development. Chris will jump right in to do what it takes to get your project done according to requirements. In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing music, doing home projects, co-pastoring a small church, and spending time with his wife and children.